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Onion Approach to WiFi Troubleshooting Basics - Not Mobile - Cable It

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Vendors are coming out of the woodwork and putting WiFi radios in everything! Devices that had a tethered cable for years are now coming in with WiFI radios. Guess what, they aren't MOBILE. They are stationary devices with no chance ever moving. 


So what is the problem ?


  • Driver updates might be limited 
  • Vendor support may be next to nothing 
  • Another device to manage and support - Who will get the call when they have issues - YOU
  • Could open up security vulnerabilities 
  • Pending on application requirements might cause excessive contention 
  • Might not support 5 GHz and add to problematic 2.4 environments 
  • Might not support all the UNII channels 
  • Might have poor receive
  • Might have poor transmit power 
  • While stationary, may not be placed optimally for optimal signal strength 
  • Radio may not support your security 
  • Radio may be a poor roamer — YES stationary devices do roam from time to time


Depending on an individual deployment or a accumulative deployment, you could add thousands of non mobile devices to your WiFi network over time. This leads to unnecessary contention.


My general rule of thumb: if it can be cabled, cable it !  Of course, you need to weigh all the options and cost. Be very carful opening that pandoras box, because if you let one in more and more will come! 





We have battery powered Wi-Fi door locks that support 802.1X. They could not easily be cabled. They connect once a day. If they see an unknown badge, the connect to update their access listing.

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