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Plan & Survey an Outdoor Network- 10 Min. Outdoor Network Engineer


Hi Folks,


We're back again with the 10 minute Outdoor Network Engineer Series!


Watch: Understanding common outdoor antenna types and patterns

 This video explains antenna patterns in a step-by-step manner, comparing several different types of antennas that Aruba sells.  I take quite a bit of time showing how to read the antenna pattern plots that appear on our data sheets.  A lot of newcomers to RF ask me about these all the time – what do they mean and how to use that information?  



Watch: What's in my survey kit?

The survey kit video is a tour of everything that I carry to the field for a passive outdoor survey.  This is especially helpful for the new outdoor engineer who is packing for his or her first survey to avoid getting stuck without something important in the field.  But even experienced outdoor engineers might find something useful here.




We’re always looking for suggestions for other videos that would be impactful for engineers who are planning or deploying outdoor Aruba networks.  Please submit your requests in the comments of this blog or you can send an email to


Would be nice to have an indoor version of this? :)

anyways great post!

Retired Employee

Thank you for your feedback on this!

Contributor II

Very nice, thanks!


I would also appreciate indoor version...

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