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RAP VRD and new app notes available

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee


RAP VRD and new app notes available

by Andy Logan (awl)







Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce we have a number of new documents for your use.


First up is our VRD for RAP deployments. This guide covers the deployment of Aruba remote access points (RAP) in fixed telecommuter and micro branch office sites. This guide covers the design recommendations for remote network deployment and it explains the various configurations needed to implement a secure, high-performance virtual branch office (VBN) solution with Aruba RAPs.

Next up is our campus redundancy models app note. In centralized Aruba WLAN deployments, the mobility controller is the heart of the network. The controller operates as a stand-alone master, or in a master-local cluster. Aruba provides several redundancy models for deploying mobility controllers. Each of these options, including the choice to forgo redundancy, must be understood so that the correct choice can be made for each deployment model.

Finally, we've completed a document detailing VoIP deployments with our mobility access switch family. The Aruba Mobility Access Switch family of products provides various features including voice VLAN, Link Layer Discovery Protocol – Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED), and Quality of Service (QoS) to enable successful deployment of VoIP in enterprise networks. This application note addresses traditional techniques and introduces new device-aware support to deploy VoIP phones.

As always these documents are available for free on our public website, Initially they are available as PDFs and HTML, and we'll have ebook versions in ePub and Mobi formats in a few weeks time.


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