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RSA Security Conference – Week in review

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

paulweller.jpgHere we are at the end of RSA, a raw mixture of booth duty, messaging and FUD, and now a lingering memory. There was a lot to digest, however, two subjects were pertinent from this year’s conference:


Ecosphere. We are past the era of big end-to-end security vendors, like Intel Security McAfee and Symantec doubling down in their core applications and services. What they and others, have in common is that they have looked to other leading vendors to provide complete, true, end-to-end enterprise security solutions. In many ways, it’s reminiscent of the 1992 US Olympic Dream Team – 11 Hall of Fame basketball players from different teams, the best in their respective field, playing as one unified team.


Enterprises are looking at best of breed in all areas of their infrastructure; they don’t want to settle for something half-baked or less. Because of mobility, customers are demanding that their existing security investments integrate and work together to enhance their security infrastructure for a mobile workforce.


Along the lines of meaningful integration, it was my pleasure to promote our own efforts with Intel Security McAfee in their booth. Their customers will now have the option to verify identity before assigning IP addresses to unknown devices. In my opinion, an important, but sometimes overlooked requirement of a secure NAC solution.


Inside Out Security. There was also an outsize emphasis on internal security tools during the show. If we couple the Internet of Things sub-theme, with the longstanding move to mobile, the modern enterprise has an awkward device footprint that eschews traditional security management. Given that smart devices spend so much time outside of the perimeter firewalls that we have collectively invested so heavily in these past years it’s clear we need to look at protecting the enterprise in a new way.


This new way of thinking brings its own management conundrum as our security tools natively look outward for threats, not inward – so it is us, the vendors that must shift our focus.  And luckily based on what I saw and heard, most of us are embracing a shift in thinking.


In closing, I did see and hear a lot that may have been confusing. Many vendors are definitely trying to make a name for themselves using clever marketing. One vendor even shifting from being a NAC vendor to being an IoT security vendor. It seems that RSA never fails to educate and confuse.


Paul Weller made the point so eloquently.


“All I see, the more I know, the more I know, the less I understand”


As ever let me know your thoughts.

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