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Rightsizing with the only complete 802.11ac portfolio in the market.

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Introducing the new Aruba 210 Series 802.11ac Access Points... 



These new 210 Series AP's (AP-214/AP-215) have the following key features:

  • 3x3 with 3 spatial streams supporting up to 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz radio (and up to 600 Mbps on the 2.4GHz 802.11n radio)
  • supports a moderate density of clients
  • one GigE uplink port
  • 802.3af-powered (USB accessory port requires 802.3at power source) 


With Aruba having the industry's only complete 802.11ac portfolio in the market, you can rightsize your WLAN by mixing & matching the best AP's for each area of your deployment.

  • 220 Series:  the highest performing 802.11ac (3SS, 1.3 Gbps)
  • 210 Series:  for high performance, moderate density 802.11ac needs (3SS, 1.3 Gbps)   
  • 200 Series:  802.11ac (2SS, 867 Mbps) for lower density needs
  • 270 Series:  delivering 802.11ac for outdoor environments in the campus


To help you pick the best AP for each area of your deployment, refer to the following table as a guideline:




As an example deployment, I might choose to deploy the 220 Series in my office areas where I have many information workers who need fast Wi-Fi while I could deploy the 200 Series for coverge in hallways that don't have the performance or density needs of other locations and I could provide robust coverage in the outdoor break area and walkways between office buildings so my employees will never miss a call wherever they roam in their All-Wireless Workplace.


Still wondering if now is the time to catch the 802.11ac wave? Read more in this article.




About the Author:

Christian Gilby is Director of Product Marketing at Aruba Networks with responsibility for the Unified Access portfolio of wired and wireless products.

twitter:  @get11ac


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