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You heard the news. Aruba Netwoks today announced the execution of a definitive agreement to purchase privately-held Avenda Systems. Yeah, I know what you are thinking… Aruba, AirWave, Azalea, Amigopod, Avenda. That’s a lot of A’s, wow! 


Two teams are coming together to tackle advanced engineering challenges in BYOD. There are several engineering challenges that Avenda product line is trying to address.


To hear more about BYOD and what it means for your network, join us at Airheads Social for a live video event on the topic. Video will be streamed on Airheads Social homepage on February 21st 10am PST. You can register at:


First – enabling secure network access to different types of devices (Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.), different categories of guest and employee users and purpose built devices (printers, gaming consoles). Device based authentication and health check, in addition to user authentication, become not important but crucial.


Second – supporting different types of technologies at the access layer (wired, wireless, VPN etc.) across multiple vendors (Aruba, Cisco, Juniper, etc.). Things get out of hand pretty fast operationally if you cannot enforce authentication and access control across all points of entry to the network. 


Avenda Policy.png


Third – trying to take control of support costs as more devices connect to the network. Any security or network engineer would be thrilled to have a way to auto-provision end user devices for 802.1x authentication!


Last but not least – figuring out what just went wrong in the network. Detailed historical forensics will sure help troubleshoot authentication failures and policy enforcement issues.


Got questions or comments? Post them into the forums and let’s talk more about Avenda.




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Hey Ozer, What does this mean for Amigopod? Avenda has the guest account creation piece as well, will the two systems get integrated to one another or will they stay separate and one possibly get phased out?

Hi Charlie, its Carlos here, Product Manager for Amigopod and one of the original founders.   As Ozer mentioned we are all very excited about the Avenda acquisition and especially the Amigopod team inside Aruba. 


Although on the surface it may appear that there is a lot of overlap, actually our two companies have been focusing on solutions at both ends of the Enterprise AAA and Guest access/BYOD spectrum that will greatly complement each other.


Avenda Systems does indeed have some guest capabilities, however they are not as far reaching as Amigopod, especially as enterprises continue to demand more and more sophistication and flexibility in dealing with guests.   Our huge array of self registration with/without approval and sponsor based provisioning features have been built up over the past 4-5 years directly from customer installations.  Similarly on the Quick1x side of things, Avenda does supplicant configuration across all operating systems, but it is not a Certificate Authority and can not push down user/device specific credentials (eg. user TLS certs) or configuration profiles for WLAN, VPN, Exchange and Passcode policy to mobile devices to support BYOD initiatives as we can do with Amigopod.


Additionally Amigopod has a series of hotspot features for credit card billing and advertising features for our public access and retail customers which continue to be important verticals for Aruba.


So in summary, both the Avenda and Amigopod team absolutely agree that there is actually a lot more complimentary technology inside our products than overlap.  We will be making offficial announcements about the combined roadmap in the near future so I encourage you to keep an eye out for those events.  The benefits to both existing Avenda/Amigopod and Aruba customers will be huge, we are going to build the most comprehensive solution on the market to deal wtih BYOD, Core AAA, Policy and Guest access on the planet!






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Thank you for the Quick Response Carlos. I have worked with both systems very much and agree there is some overlap but many more complementary features. I am eager to hear more about the road map for this product line. I think having both of these products will allow for a much smoother experience for the clients. Charlie Koehler
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Hi Ozer,


Im Tamas Kocsis from Hungary :-)  My chief (Daniel) and I totally agree that, this acquisition is the part of the MOVE conception. In the past, the Aruba was a wireless vendor but now - today, are a media-independent network nendor. It is very good vision of course.  


Originaly, the Avenda is an NAC vendor. The eTIPS platform is an agent based (more precisely) network access control solution, so today the Aruba has a NAC solution. Its great because in the enterprise wireless market the NAC integration is an very important case. Unfortunately, the big companies use CISCO or Juniper NAC :( with out-of-box deployment. U know, the out of box deployment doesnt support the wireless systems (except the CISCO, because the controller can check the clients integrity (AV, AS, AM, Firewall, etc). So the main problem, if the company use oob nac, they need a new inline senzor if they want extend the access controll to the wireless.


Now with the Avenda (eheeee, ClearPath) the Aruba customers get a new platform check the clients access and integrity. Of course at the mometn we dont know how do this, what is the deployment scenario, but i think the Aruba choose the Avenda because the eTIPS match to the Aruba's flexible deployment scenarios. And of course, the name is match to the Aruba, AirWave, AirMesh, Azalea-line :)) (i ask a trial from Avenda and Aruba, but i didnt get yet :)) ).


My last note: I understand the MOVE conception, i agree the media-independent network vision, but please do not neglect the original, wireless product! :-) The version 6 has a lat of bugs, and my largest pain, the great PEF is not further impove :( For example please check the Meraki firewall. Has many-many Layer-7 functionality, application control, application based QoS and real URL and content filter...


Thanx and go-go ahead :)


PS: I send email to Dirk from Ekahau, replace the company name to Akahau - and the Akahau will be a part of Aruba very soon :-) and we have a good location tracking solution :)))

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Hello Ozer :smileyhappy: !! I really appreciate you for shared knowledge about mobile devices controlling by Aruba Networks. I think these days’ hackers are seeking for ways to hack mobile devices to come up with their evil works. To protect our mobile devices such approaches are seems to me really effective. I'll definitely join with Airheads and looking forward for informative video conversations. Thanks.

Tom Hardy

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