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The Digital Classroom Revolution

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Today, workplaces are rapidly becoming collaborative spaces, with expectations employees will work in teams and alternate between leadership and contribution roles. Naturally, K-12 schools are evolving to prepare students for these new workday requirements with collaborative classrooms, project-based learning and the movement toward “learners” and “facilitators” rather than students and teachers.


So why is 2016 the year when digital classrooms make the leap from experimental to mainstream? Although the short answer is mobility, it’s really about a convergence of factors. Here’s what you need to know to help your school make the transformation successfully.


Key Factors

  • Digital Curriculums Have Arrived
  • Educator Tech Proficiency Has Reached Critical Mass
  • Mobile Devices Prove the Perfect Classroom Tools
  • Modern Wi-Fi Systems Provide the Conduit
  • E-rate Supplies the Funding


Five Tips for Enabling Digital Classrooms

1) Plan for Increasing Device Densities

2) Invest in 802.11ac

3) Leverage a Phased or Tiered Approach

4) Upgrade to Multi-Gigabit Switches

5) Adopt Robust Wi-Fi Security & Optimization Tools


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