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Top 5 Accepted Solutions – July / August


5 - Create Certificate Manually in CP Onboard – In this post thecompnerd needed to know if it was possible to manually create a client certificate in ClearPass OnBoard. The solution came from tarnold with an image of where to achieve the configuration.


4 -  IAP 225 trunkGreg.Feilds posted a question regarding trunk configuration with IAP 225 and a S2500 switch. MVP victorfabian provided the solution and an explanation of the solution.


3 – DHCP Issues - MScriven ran into some addressing issues and couldn’t get away from the domain DHCP server despite creating the appropriate scopes on the controller. Micheal_Clarke realized something wasn’t matching and resulted in the solution of the problem.


2 - ClearPass Guest Login Page with Aruba Controller -  Turkish encountered a problem with a dead end on a redirect to a captive portal from ClearPass guest. Clembo recognized the symptoms and suggested a revision to the logon role.


1 - Do I need PEFNG license in controller to set VPNs with Instant APs?  - Medievaldes was configuring a VPN with IAP to a 620 controller and needed to know if PEF-NG license was required. Marcus provided the solution and explained other instances it could be achieved.


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