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Top 5 ClearPass Tutorials

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The community has been providing some very informative tutorials for our Mobility Hero Contest. These combined with tutorials posted by Aruba Employees give us amazing insight in how to do many things with ClearPass. I think he tutorials below are the top 5 ClearPass related tutorials to date.


Using Virtual IP interfaces in a ClearPass Cluster – alc

Here is a video posted by alc using virtual IP interfaces in a ClearPass Cluster. The video will teach you how to setup virtual ip interfaces on two CPPM appliances to allow you to employ a secondary radius or Tacacs when one of the appliances is down or offline


Using ClearPass to steer users to secure networks - cappalli

Cappalli’s winning tutorial for the month of March. The tutorial teaches how to steer users to a secure network using your controller and Clearpass.  Cappalli created an excellent tutorial and is worth a look if you haven’t gotten a chance to look at it.


Common Clearpass Domain Joining Errors –

In this tutorial Arun show you how to handle common errors when joining your ClearPass to your domain. Arun covers different scenarios from clock difference to privilege problems. So, if you have encountered issues joining to a domain give this tutorial a look.


Using ClearPass To Manage Controller Login – ngutri – This tutorial will show you how to assign the root role to a user in AD or in any data base tied to ClearPass. Ngutri showed us how the process works as well as how to achieve the configurations required to manage controller.


High availability for a ClearPass Cluster – alc  – This video uploaded by Anton demonstrates how to set up a HA environment for your ClearPass servers via server promotion. This will help you avoid downtime with your network.


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Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing Jamie!
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