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Top 5 - Solutions Training Tips

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Top 5 Solutions Training Tips


Recently I sat the Aruba Networks Solution Training class and here are some things I wanted to share.


Aruba Certified Solutions Professional (ACSP) is the industry’s first technical certification to address new networking requirements prompted by BYOD. It covers RF fundamentals, Wi-Fi design for high-density client environments, authentication and encryption, and mobile device provisioning.


Review- When designing a network for a customer you should be familiar with the various amendments and how they will behave on your network. You should be aware the legacy devices can degrade the performance of you network. Solutions Training reviews all of the amendments and informs you of expected behavior on the network.


Spectrum Analysis – Solutions training will walk you thru interpreting of spectrum analysis data. It will explain how you should set up your dashboard when capturing an analysis to best be able to read the data. Solutions training will also explain the correlation between the different analysis, fft duty cycle, real-time fft, amplitude, etc.


Remote Labs – The training contains so incredible labs. Some are quite in depth. Hands on training is, (I think) the best way to retain knowledge. The labs will walk you thru the configurations of many different scenarios many you will be seeing in the future as you configure your own networks.


Management – The Solutions Training contains a lot of training with Airwave. Network management is growing in importance with BYOD (the 5th tip). With all the devices on you network you need to know what is going on in you network. The labs address the configuration to achieve this as well as guides to VisualRF.


BYOD – The Training covers the wave of BYOD and what you should expect. For the client BYOD means nothing they expect to be able to connect. To the network admin BYOD can be a headache. With the help of the Solutions Training you can get ahead of the curve and keep all you users happy and connected.

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