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Where will WiFi show up next?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

It has been over 10 years since I first joined Aruba. One of the greatest pleasures of this journey has been watching WiFi grow from thetechnology that removed the long Ethernet cables in our apartment (yes, we REALLY wanted mobility even back then :smileyhappy: ) to becoming THE pervasive wireless connection medium!


WiFi when working in our office – of course! WiFi in stores so we do not wait for the cashier – done that! Game consoles, movies on NetFlix, home security systems – yep! Checking email, Facebook and getting some work done while sipping a cup of coffee or waiting for your flight home – cannot live without that. The question is: how will WiFi surprise us in the future?


  1. Automobiles and so-called connected cars - especially as auto manufacturers start making iPad an option in their cars like this one here:
  2. All the devices in our homes using WiFi for the connected home: 
  3. My personal favorite is the "toy rabbit" in our founder, Keerti Melkote's office that had a companion with his daughter in their house! Yes, the ears are the antenna :smileyhappy:

WiFi has now become the de-facto standard that one can expect on EVERY client device. This means that as different devices get even more connected, we can expect more interesting applications for WiFi to show up in the market. At Aruba, we believe that we are just scratching the surface ofwhat can be done with this technology – what do you think?


What’s the craziest application idea you have heard? Or what is the most intriguing idea you have heard?


We would love to hear – let us know – we are all ears!


UPDATE: A day after this article - here is another "interesting" WiFi app: - a WiFi plant sensor : WiFi continues to take over connectivity :-)





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Aruba Employee
I love the plant sensor idea. Very novel and useful! Another category picking up is wifi toys controlled by smartphone or tablet.
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What about wireless charitable donations to homeless people on the street? No more digging around for loose change!
Aruba Employee

Ryan: you give a whole new meaning to the term "social enterprise" :-)

Aruba Employee

Rajeev - Although these are not new uses of Wi-Fi, I am still totally geeked out by them: 


1) Using Go-Go on Virgin America recently on a flight from SFO - SJC was just sublime. To be using services like chat, email, and stock quotes at 35,000 feet while traveling at 500+MPH, is absolutely amazing! How could anyone not be amazed by that???

Go-Go Airlines


2) Being able to pay for my coffee at SightGlass (SF), Acre (Petaluma), or my taxi last night with the Square app on my iPhone. Jack Dorsey and the team are amazing. This is absolutely the future of payments: no credit card, no cash. Just log in to your smartphone app and use your photo as ID with the merchant. All over Wi-Fi (or cellular if you must). 

Square App

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

I imagine an app like Kaubachi to be extended to healthcare. With miniature devices that can continuously monitor vital signs of a patient and notify their nearest hospital or a doctor for any alerts, or even dial a 911 to call for an ambulance. I agree, the best is yet to come!...

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