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ACMP - Certified

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Hi all.


I'm a fresh ACMP 6.1 certified (did my exam yesterday). I'm here to try to help other people and receive some help from the community :)


I'm 23 and I live and work in Switzerland. I'm network/system engineer, I deployed Cisco Aironet system and now I'm into Aruba ;)



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Re: ACMP - Certified

Welcome aboard Paolo!


Glad you found the AriHeads social site.



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Re: ACMP - Certified

I am also newly ACMP certified (as in 1 hour ago). Very excited about accomplishing this!

Thank you.

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Re: ACMP - Certified

Congrats Michael! That's great!
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Re: ACMP - Certified

Just passed my exam yesterday.  Now that it is passed does Aruba provide a certificate or is what Pearsonvue gave me all that I get?

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Re: ACMP - Certified

Congratulations!  You will get a certificate from us.  We get a weekly download from Pearson and process them all at once.  Let me know if you need your certificate before next Monday.

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Re: ACMP - Certified

Thanks.  Second times a charm.  I am in no hurry, I was just curious what the process was.