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I did it! ACMA v8

it was not very fun. No hands-on experience. Took the IAW8 Course and Labs, used the study guide. Really felt they didn't cover the exam well. But in the end, I squeaked it out. Next up the ACMP!
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Re: I did it! ACMA v8

Did you do ACMA or ACMP v 6.4 before?

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Re: I did it! ACMA v8

No. this is my 1st certification for Aruba

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Re: I did it! ACMA v8

Congrats , can you please share the materials / dumps / syllabus to me ?
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Re: I did it! ACMA v8

Great Job @linenoise! Did you take the IAW Aruba training? And are you going to get the ACMP cert next? 

Sean Rynearson