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Need help for ACMX

HI Everyone,


I am new to Aruba and wanted to pursue ACMX certification. However, in my research i didnt find any books or guides to prepare for this certification. I know directly jumping to ACMX is not possible but same thing happened for the lower certifications also.


I need help in setting up ACMX lab, can someone guide me or point me in right direction as to what i need to practice topics in ACMX ?


Any training or ebooks do you guys recommend for studying ACMX ?

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Re: Need help for ACMX

you need to do your ACMP first in order to take the ACMX.

reference guide is here

it covers what you need to know for the exam.
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Re: Need help for ACMX

Have a look at this forum:



Includes links to the following and others:

ACMX Study Suggestions

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