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connectivity issue


Using one of the free application , i can see client getting around -65dB Signal strength . 

if in case the noise level is very high for example -90 dB somethinng like that  , adding another ap in that area will be good or is just fine .

How can i check the noise level and SNR in aruba. 



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Re: connectivity issue

To check the signal level of the client, type "show ap association client-mac <mac address of client".

To check the noise, type "show ap debug radio-stats ap-name <name of ap> radio 0 | 1 advanced | include Noise"


-90 is not considered high.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: connectivity issue


Thank you for the reply . 

if the signal strength is -70 dBm and noise is -85dBm

How do we calcualte SNR 

Thanks again

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Re: connectivity issue


SNR[dB] = S[dBm] - N[dBm]


-70dBm - -85dBm = 15dB

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