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exam retake policy

yesterday I failed my first ACMP attempt, needed 75% where i scored 74% (6.1 version). im wondering how long i have to wait to try again?

Re: exam retake policy

I believe it is three days.  Pearson Vue will not let you schedule it sooner than the retake policy.  So if you want to take it again, then simply try to schedule and PV will either reject or accept your new date.


Hope that helps,


Re: exam retake policy

thanks, wasn't planning on going in three days again, but good to know that in a few weeks it should be possible again.
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Re: exam retake policy

What material did u study to prepare?

Re: exam retake policy

  • the books from the bootcamp (combines IAW / SWDI classes)
  • the 6.1 study guide
  • the latest AP and mobility controller matrices
  • VRD Aruba Mobility Controllers Version 8
  • VRD Aruba 802.11n Networks Validated Reference Design (Version 8)
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Re: exam retake policy

Aw man - that's so cruel.....feel for you Boneyard, you must have been so dissapointed!! I'm sure you will get it next time buddy!

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