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SIPAgent client for Android phones

The first client we tried on the Nexus One was Sipdroid. It works reasonably well in our office environment - Avaya PBX with SIP server, Aruba WLAN - but has some quirks. Over the weekend I started to find it annoying when it broke into the incoming audio stream mid-call and repeatedly played ringback tone. Our other Sipdroid experimenter found the same thing, and at times it became so difficult to participate in a conversation that we cast around for an alternative.

The new 'SIPAgent' or SIPAgent Lite on the Android marketplace seems to work a lot better with our setup.
- It's free, loads easily and only gives four fields for configuration, of which you only need three to get going. A preferences page gives a few more, but so far I keep them all at default, apart from setting port to 5060.
- Incoming and outgoing calls work well.
- With a bit of digit manipulation it dials directly from contacts.
- Seems to be using RTCP: this allows the Aruba mobility controller to give an R-value for calls.
- Mid-call DTMF is good: logging into voicemail (or a conference bridge) is fine.
- Can't get an MWI to work, but we use email notification/unified mailbox functions so that's not a big problem.
- Voice quality seems good, but we haven't looked at it in detail.
- I noticed once that the client didn't manage to re-register after leaving and re-entering WLAN coverage, but this needs more testing.

All in all, quite impressive - simple, but it does the job. Congratulations to the developer.

Joe Bob says check it out.
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Re: SIPAgent client for Android phones

It seems that now is called 3cxphone,
also available for iOS. (I hope iOS will use also rtcp)

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Now you have it natively from android 2.3.1

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