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2930F Tunnel Node and Airwave

Hello All,


I am configuring Tunnel Node between 2930F and 7030 Controller.

This is for the purposes of forwarding DPI packet info to Airwave, much like APP RF.  The Controller is added in to Airwave


The first question:  Is this the right way to do it?  Or will adding the 2930 direct in to Airwave, and using AMON data be the answer?


Secondly:  on the 2930, I cannot add a client access port on VLAN 1 (which is the Customer's native desktop VLAN) in to the Tunnel node to Controller, because, as you would expect the VLAN 1 has the Management IP address for the Switch.

Is this correct?


Thank you 


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Re: 2930F Tunnel Node and Airwave

Hi Andrew, 


Currently, in Airwave, you can see the client attached to the switch, and the client details in AppRF.  You can also glean this information from the controller.


Attached are screenshots from my lab setup showing what is visible from a tunneled client standpoint in Airwave and AppRF.


There is quite a bit of work and investigation being done to enhance this in Airwave.


As to the second point, if you're using  VLAN 1 for management traffic, you will indeed need a separate VLAN for tunneled client traffic.









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Re: 2930F Tunnel Node and Airwave

Hi Justin,


Thanks for the reply on this.

I have been working with Britto from TAC on this, and is now fixed.



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Re: 2930F Tunnel Node and Airwave

Hi andrew, i have the same goal as you mention earlier, i would like to tunnel wired traffic to 7030 controller, so we can view l7 traffic stat on airwave and apply firewall policies as we did on wireless,


just wondering how you manage to achieve that

thx before

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