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Blocked by STP

Good morning everyone! A pleasure to greet you.
I currently have a 7205 Controller (version 6.4.3) to an HPE 5400 Switch (version K.15.16.0006), optical ports (10GE), Trunk (L2), allowing only specific VLANs.
You only have one link between the Controller and the Switch. The default configuration is left on the Controller, ie the port with STP enabled (point-to-point). SWP (Provision) has STP (RSTP) enabled.
However the STP blocks the port where the Controller is connected and boots all the traffic. In order to restore it, a CLI reload is performed to the Controller.
Measures taken:
1. Disable the STP for the port on the Controller
2. In the SW, the port was instructed to stop sending and receiving BPDU (spanning-tree ethernet a1 bpdu-filter).
In that scenario, the incident was repeated.
3. STP was enabled on both computers, certifying that it was point-to-point in both end.
And the problem persists.
I appreciate your comments.

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Re: Blocked by STP

STP should be disabled globally on the controller to allow the HP switch to do loop detection.

Config t
No spanning-tree
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Re: Blocked by STP

I have disabled STP globally, I will have it in monitoring.


I'll let you know how it goes in the next few days.


Thanks Collin

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Re: Blocked by STP

Hi Collin

The problem still persists.

I have detected in the log of the Switch that the STP blocked the port, yesterday.

SW-CORE-E1# show logging -r | i A8
I 07/06/17 12:24:12 00076 ports: port A8 is now on-line
I 07/06/17 12:24:10 00435 ports: port A8 is Blocked by STP
I 07/06/17 12:24:09 00077 ports: port A8 is now off-line
I 07/06/17 12:24:08 00435 ports: port A8 is Blocked by STP
I 07/06/17 12:21:12 00077 ports: port A8 is now off-line

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Re: Blocked by STP

Hi Collin


I still continue with STP problems. 


The controller is globally disabled and in the port. 


In the SW-HPE-5400, the AUTO-EDGE-PORT was disabled and the ADMIN-EDGE-PORT was enabled.


show spanning-tree config

Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) Configuration Information

STP Enabled [No] : Yes
Force Version [MSTP-operation] : RSTP-operation
Default Path Costs [802.1t] : 802.1t
Port State Events Logging : Disabled
MST Configuration Name : 10604bc38300
MST Configuration Revision : 0 Switch Priority : 4096
Forward Delay [15] : 15 Hello Time [2] : 2
Max Age [20] : 20 Max Hops [20] : 20

| Path Prio Admin Auto Admin Hello Root TCN Loop BPDU
Port Type | Cost rity Edge Edge PtP Time Grd Grd Grd Flt
---- --------- + --------- ---- ----- ---- ----- ------ ---- --- ---- ---
A1 SFP+SR | Auto 128 No Yes True Global No No No No
A8 SFP+SR | Auto 128 Yes No True Global No No No No

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Re: Blocked by STP

Did you try to connect that AP directly to the switch port?


we had the same issue, we were able to determine it happened due to the "BAD CABLE". when we connected directly on the Switch port we were able to get them up and running.






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