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Do we have an out-of-band management interface on Aruba Mobility access switch?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Mobility Access Switches running a minimum AOS version


Yes, we do have out-of-band management interface to access Aruba Mobility access switches, Out-of-band management involves the use of a dedicated management channel for device maintenance.

The management interface is located above the console port on the rear panel of the Mobility Access Switch. We can configure only the IP address and description for this interface. The management port can be used to access the Mobility Access Switch from any location and configure the system.

We can configure the management port only using the CLI.

((ArubaS2500-48P) (config) #interface mgmt
(ArubaS2500-48P) (mgmt) # description mgmt
(ArubaS2500-48P) (mgmt) # ip address
(ArubaS2500-48P) (mgmt) # no shutdown

(ArubaS2500-48P) #show interface mgmt

MGMT is administratively Up, Link is Up, Line protocol is Up
Hardware is Ethernet, Address is 00:1a:1e:0c:17:c0
Description: mgmt
Internet address is, Netmask is
Global Unicast address(es) :
IPV6 link-local address is fe80::21a:1eff:fe0c:17c0
Interface index: 151006025

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NOT applicable to S1500 series of switches (12P,24P,48P)

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