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HP 5400ZL Issues added vlan



We have an 5400zl switch. We added a new VLAN with an IP address ( Unfortuantely we can't ping the default static route ( Between the VLAN's we can normally ping. All other VLAN's can reach the default static route. The new VLAN is in the ip route. Any idea's?



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Re: HP 5400ZL Issues added vlan

I guess its the same as at comwware that minimum one interface in the new vlan must be up, to bring the vlan up

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RE: HP 5400ZL Issues added vlan



Please check if there is routing for on the GW(

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Re: HP 5400ZL Issues added vlan

Unless a VLAN has at least one interface that is UP, the assigned IP address will not respond. Tag the VLAN to the uplink port/trunk if you always want it up irrespective of active ports in that VLAN on the switch.


Think about loopback addresses for management too.

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Re: HP 5400ZL Issues added vlan

Hi Schuurmans,


The vlan is Up and hence you are able to see it in the ip route table.

Tag the new vlan to the port that connects to the DG -

If that is already done, then make sure that there is a reverse route configured for the new vlan on the DG


Aditional steps:

In case it does not work even after adding the reverse route in the DG Take a packet capture from the uplink port to check if it even hits the uplink port or not when you ping it. With the packet capture we ll get to know where is the traffic actually getting dropped.

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