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IPv6 BGP on Aruba 5400R ZL2

We're currently looking at deploying IPv6 accross our network. We have 3 HPE Aruba 5400R ZL2 switches, one at each campus, with multiple paths between each other that use BGP to redistribute connected prefixes etc.


After attempting several configs I've come to the conclusion that these switches simply do not have any support for IPv6 BGP or sending IPv6 prefixes by BGP.


Is that correct? Or am I missing something? It seems a huge oversight.

Re: IPv6 BGP on Aruba 5400R ZL2

You're are correct. These switches support IPv4 BGP only. They do support IPv6 but the followinf functions:


IPv6 host
enables switch management in an IPv6 network

Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6)
transitions IPv4 to IPv6, supporting connectivity for both protocols

MLD snooping
forwards IPv6 multicast traffic to the appropriate interface

supports ACL and QoS for IPv6 traffic

IPv6 routing
supports static, RIPng, OSPFv3 routing protocols

6in4 tunneling
supports encapsulation of IPv6 traffic in IPv4 packets

provides RA guard, DHCPv6 protection, dynamic IPv6 lockdown, and ND snooping


Hope you find this helpfull.


Regards, dobias

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Re: IPv6 BGP on Aruba 5400R ZL2

Extremely dissapointing for an expensive piece of kit. Not having equal IPv4/IPv6 support in 2017 seems silly.


Static routes will be the solution until we can replace the hardware with something else.


Thanks :)

Re: IPv6 BGP on Aruba 5400R ZL2

This will be indeed the solution. I'm sorry that I couldn't provide you a better anwser. I'll make sure your feedback is heard by Aruba Product Line Management organization. If there is anything else let's know!!

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