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IPv6 Prefix-delegation on 2930f/3810M



I'm trying to get IPv6 prefix delegation to work to clients can connect a home router and still have working IPv6 (and fast internet in the evening to modern sites). 

For posting here, I did replace the real prefix with the documentation prefix 2001:db8::/32


Configuration on Switch:

vlan 100
   untagged 1
   ipv6 enable
   ipv6 address 2001:db8:2040:2900::1/64
   ipv6 nd ra managed-config-flag
   ipv6 nd ra other-config-flag
   ipv6 nd ra prefix 2001:db8:2040:3110::/56 300 180
   ipv6 helper-address unicast 2001:db8:2040:60::8

I also tried with and without the managed-config-flag, with and without off-link in the /56 prefix.


Configuration of dhcpv6 Server

subnet6 2001:db8:2040:2900::/64 {
        prefix6 2001:db8:2040:3100:: 2001:7c7:2040:3100:: /56;


The best result was:

The router (openwrt) received a pd via dhcpv6 and was able to assign it to one of it's sub-interfaces. Problem: there was no route installed on the HP switch, so all traffic for that prefix went to the default discard rule on the core router.


Trying the same on my Juniper EX4600 yielded a perfect result on the first try: The client requested a prefix via dhcpv6, the router relayed it and installed the route based on the dhcpv6 reply. 


Re: IPv6 Prefix-delegation on 2930f/3810M

Do you have a make a network capture ?

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