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MAX EIRP and Transmit power

Okay here is another general knowledge question i got


As far i understand Max EIRP would be  = transmit power + antena gain - cable lost


When on the release note i see 23 maximum trasnmit power that would be transmit power + antena gain ?


for example


AP 105

Max trasnmit power = 23dbm


But in the max EIRP on my controller with show ap active i see 23.5


Also on the datasheet i see a lost of the connector of the antena of 0.5


So in this case the EIRP  would be 23 - 0.5 = 22.5dmb right????




I also see something odd.


the max EIRP of my RAP3 is 18dbm

The mas EIRP of my RAP2 is 19.5dmb


Isnt this odd? the RAP3 shoudld be a better EIRP ?

I see the RAP3 has a 2dbm antena gain but it does not says anything of maximun transmit power neither antena loss...


Anyone can enlight me in this???


I really want to know this clearly... it will help me when im agains other brands...

For example i just realize that the max transmit power of the fortinet APS its 17dbm... and people were comparing it to a ap 93 and ap 105... which for example an ap 105 got a max transmit power of 23dmb! you just cannot compre that... no wonder why its cheaper!




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Re: MAX EIRP and Transmit power

Please see Onno's posts here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Access-Points-and-Mesh-Routers/transmit-power-in-IAP92/td-p/28160

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Re: MAX EIRP and Transmit power

Thanks pointing it ill read it



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