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VRF-Lite Switch Support Matrix



I've been scouring the HPE & Aruba websites looking for details on vrf-lite/vpn instance support on the HPE/Aruba switching portfolios.

Does anyone know of a location for same and/or of details of what license supports which feature etc?

It would make selecting a HPE switch a much easier job!




btw. I've posted this on HPE community too.


Re: VRF-Lite Switch Support Matrix

VRF-lite will be supported on the next generation core / aggregation switch named 8400. From your post I can't see the exact use model but if it's just segementation it would be good to look at tunnel node functionality in the switches. To me this provides even more granular segmenetation like micro segementation at the edge of your network. Let me know if you want to have more details. 


Regards, Dobias

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