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aruba 2930F Layer3 operation mode

Hello All, I have some questions regarding Aruba 2930F layer 3 operation and features, and appriciate any help.


1 - Does the ip level features are available for configuration on the webgui (routing, interfaces ip's, dhcp, etc)? If so how do I get them on GUI (for the moment only CLI)?

2 - Does this switch model supports an interface to work as I pure layer3 interface or is that only supported by creating SVI's (vlan interfaces)?

3 - Upon a DHCP pool with range/subnet is it possible to exclude some ip addresses from the pool (excluded-address ...) -- don't get that command?

4 - do you know or have a sample of a DHCP database that we could pull into the switch for operation as a DHCP server (ip addr leasings to clients) instead of defining pools and single static ip-mac binding per pool (don't find anywhere the database layout/structure to be imported and applyed by the switch)!?


best regards, and thanks in advance

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Re: aruba 2930F Layer3 operation mode



There are 3 options you have to furfill to let the Aruba switch route.


* Setup ip default gateway

* Setup ip in vlan's (which will be routed)

* Enable ip routing on switch


I assume the DHCP service of the switch is just a lite DHCP server, no special things are available. Best practice is to let a server or firewall do the DHCP service. Much more stable.


Kind regards,


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