Check ARP entry on the AP

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How to check if the AP is learning the ARP entry of the client?



The following commands would help when troubleshooting client connectivity issues , were clients ARP entry can be checked from the AP level.

( (config) #show ap monitor are p-cache ap-name ac:a3:1e:c3:63:78


ARP Cache Table


mac                ip        vlanid  age

---                --        ------  ---

f0:dc:e2:67:de:6d  0       3m:2s

00:16:ea:f0:f0:3e  0       26s          <-------shows the arp entry of the client its cache time 

ac:a3:1e:c3:63:78  0       3m:20s

00:1a:1e:00:b1:40  0       5s


( (config) #show arp 

Protocol    Address        Hardware Address    Interface

Internet           00:16:ea:f0:f0:3e    vlan10

Internet           ac:a3:1e:c3:63:78    vlan10


( (config) #show user



    IP           MAC            Name     Role           Age(d:h:m)  Auth  VPN link  AP name            Roaming   Essid/Bssid/Phy                  Profile       Forward mode  Type  Host Name

----------  ------------       ------    ----           ----------  ----  --------  -------            -------   ---------------                  -------       ------------  ----  ---------    00:16:ea:f0:f0:3e            authenticated  00:00:00                    ac:a3:1e:c3:63:78  Wireless  ARPCHECK/ac:a3:1e:b6:37:92/a-HT  default-open  tunnel              





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