Cloud activation key for Aruba OS switches

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How can we find the cloud activation key for Aruba switches?


We can use the following command to find the cloud activation key :


Aruba# show activate provision


 Configuration and Status - Activate Provision Service

 Activate Provision Service   : Enabled

  Activate Server Address      :

  Activation Key               : LKMNOPAB


The above command applies to the following switches:


Aruba 2920 Switch Series—WB.16.02.0012 or later

Aruba 2930F Switch Series—WC.16.02.0012 or later

Aruba 2540 Switch Series—YC.16.02.0012 or later


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Guys, any idea about why activation key is missing on the switch and how can I get it? I'm trying to register a 2930F to Central but the switch doesn't have the Activation Key. See command output below:


w2930F-8G_# show activate provision

Configuration and Status - Activate Provision Service

Activate Provision Service : Enabled
Activate Server Address :
Activation Key : Not Available

Hi Ivonne,


Show activate provision shows activation key in the switch only when it  has successfully contacted activate


Please provide me the following information:


1. Is the clock reflecting correct time on the switch ?

2. Do you have DNS server configured on the switch ?

3. What is the firmware running on the switch ?

4. Attach the output for :


show log -r




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