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Does Aruba switches support proxy ARP and how to enable it ?

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Does Aruba switches support proxy ARP and how to enable it ?


Yes ,Proxy ARP is supported on MAS from . It can be configured under the port-security-profile and applied to a port .
By default proxy arp is disabled 

1)Create a Port-Security Profile and enable Proxy-arp

(MAS) (config) #interface-profile port-security-profile default
(MAS) (Port Security Profile “PARP”) #proxy-arp
(MAS) (Port Security Profile “PARP”) #exit

(MAS)# show interface-profile port-security-profile default

Port security profile “PARP”
IPV6 RA Guard Action                  N/A
IPV6 RA Guard Auto Recovery Time      N/A
MAC Limit                             N/A
MAC Limit Action                      N/A
MAC Limit Auto Recovery Time          N/A
Sticky MAC                            Disabled
Sticky  MAC Action                    N/A
Sticky MAC Auto Recovery Time         N/A
Trust DHCP                            No
Port Loop Protect                     N/A
Port Loop Protect Auto Recovery Time  N/A
IP Source Guard                       N/A
Dynamic Arp Inspection                N/A
Proxy Arp                           Enabled

2) Bind it to the port 

(MAS) (config) # interface gigabitethernet 0/0/0
(MAS) (gigabitethernet “0/0/0”) # port-security-profile PARP
(MAS) (gigabitethernet “0/0/0”) # exit

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