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How to check OSPF neighbors in MAS?

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Environment  :  OSPF used as routing protocol


(Abi-Labport-uplink-Router) #show ip ospf neighbor

OSPF Neighbor Table
Neighbor ID  Pri   State      Address     Interface  Dead Time    Uptime
-----------  ---   -----      -------     ---------  ---------    ------    1     FULL/BDR   vlan10     00h:00m:39s  13w1d 18h:14m:44s    255   FULL/DR   vlan10     00h:00m:32s  13w1d 18h:14m:45s

(Abi-Labport-uplink-Router) #

Can also check the OSPF database information with the below command.

(TAC-Labport-uplink-Router) #show ip ospf database

OSPF Database Table
Area ID   LSA Type  Link ID     Adv Router  Age    Seq#         Checksum
-------   --------  -------     ----------  ---    ----         --------   ROUTER   643    0x80001903   0x92b4   ROUTER   60     0x80001127   0x53b4   ROUTER   662    0x80004c8e   0xb21f   NETWORK   1620   0x800010dc   0xb20b

(TAC-Labport-uplink-Router) #

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