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Reloads the switch at a specific time and date:

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In some situation or during schedule maintenance window, we might need to set or schedule the date and time on the the switch to reload. This article will explain how to reload the switch at specific date and time.


The reload command is enhanced with more options such as reload in and reload at to reload a switch or stack member in/at a specific time and/or date.


in <minutes> --> Reloads the stack or switch after the specified time. 0-60

at <hours, minutes, month, date> --> Reloads the switch or stack at a specific time and date in the format: <hours, minutes, month, date>. 0-23, 0-60, 1-12, 1-31

cancel --> Cancels the scheduled reload from the switch <member>

<member> in <minutes> Reloads a stack member after the specified time. 0-60 minutes

<member> at <hours, minutes, month, date>  Reloads a stack member at a specific time and date. 0-23, 0-60, 1-12, 1-31


The following command reloads the switch after 60 minutes:
(host) #reload in 60

The following command reloads the switch at a specific time and date:
(host) #reload at 1 50 7 12

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