Trace Options in Mobility Access Switch

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Answer- The tracing feature is important for debugging the sequence of events that occur inside a process or protocol, for example message processing, state machine transitions, configuration change events, or timer events.

You can enable or disable trace options for various modules such as mstp, lldp, igmp, ospf, pim, rmon, layer2-forwarding, interface-manager, chassis-manager, and stack-manager using the traceoptions command.

You can use the following command to enable or disable the traceoptions for various modules:

(host) (config) #traceoptions
(host) (traceoptions) #?

chassis-manager Control chassis manager trace options
dhcp-snoop Control DHCP Snoop trace options
igmp Control igmp trace options
igmp-snooping Control igmp-snooping trace options
interface-manager Interface manager trace options
layer2-forwarding Control Layer2 Forwarding trace options
lldp Control LLDP trace options
mstp Control MSTP trace options
no Delete Command
ospf Control ospf trace options
pim Control pim sparse mode trace options
rmon rmon trace options
routing Control layer3 manager trace options
stack-manager Control stack-manager trace options
vrrp Control vrrp trace options

The following command displays the enabled trace options:
(host) #show trace ?
chassis-manager Show the contents of chassis manager trace file
dhcp-snooping Show the contents of dhcp-snooping trace file
igmp Show the contents of igmp trace file
igmp-snooping Show the contents of igmp-snooping trace file
interface-manager Show the contents of interface manager trace file
layer2-forwarding Show the contents of layer2-forwarding trace file
lldp Show the contents of lldp trace file
mstp Show the contents of mstp trace file
ospf Show the contents of ospf trace file
pim Show the contents of pim trace file
rmon Show the contents of RMON trace file
stack-manager Show the contents of stack-manager trace file
vrrp Show the contents of VRRP trace file

The following is an example configuration:
(host) (traceoptions) #layer2-forwarding flags fdb learning vlan
(host) (traceoptions) #show trace layer2-forwarding 10

AnswerLT- chassis-manager flags:
l all
l association
l debug
l environment-monitoring
l fru
l interface
l interface-statistics
l ipc
l poe-configuration
l poe-statistics
l statistics-sync
l system-statistics

l all
l cfg
l debug
l errors
l receive
l timer

l all
l debug
l leave
l query
l report

l all
l config
l errors
l receive
l transmit

l all
l configuration
l dhcp-client
l ethernet
l infrastructure
l lacp
l loopback
l mgmt
l oam
l oam-pdu
l port-channel
l port-mirroring
l system-information
l tunnel
l vlan

l all
l config
l fdb
l gvrp
l hsl
l interface
l ipc
l learning
l nexthop
l port-loop-protect
l sysinfo
l task
l timer
l tunneled-node
l vlan
l vlan-assignment
l vlan-port

l all
l debug
l errors
l receive
l system-state
l transmit

l all
l config
l debug
l port-information
l received-bpdu-all
l role-selection
l sent-bpdu-all
l state-machine-changes
l system
l topology-change

l all
l cnf
l db
l dd
l debug
l dr-elect
l flood
l hello
l lsa
l lsr
l lsu
l msm
l pkt-all
l spf
l state

l adjacency
l all
l debug
l jp-asserts
l register
l route
l state

l all
l cli
l event
l history
l ifstat
l log
l snmp

l all
l arp
l configuration
l event
l interface
l route

l adjacency
l all
l asp
l configuration
l primary-election
l route
l system
l webui
Enter the keyword level and enable any of the following stack
manager tracing levels:
l alert
l critical
l debugging
l emergency
l errors
l informational
l notice
l warning

l debug
l receive
l state
l transmit

Internal Note- Tested in and also in image version.


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