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What takes prescedence in ip-profile, "ip route" or "default-gateway"?

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We can set gateway of last resort in a MAS using two methods in "ip-profile":


1. default-gateway <next hop>

2. ip route <next hop> <metric>


To specify multiple gateways of last resort, we must use ip route command specifying different next hops and different metrics. The next hop with lower metric will be used.

However what will be used when both default gateway and ip routes to default network are set?




Default-gateway takes precedence in the ip-profile.


Let us configure an ip-profile with default gateway:

(ArubaS3500-24P-US) (config) #ip-profile
(ArubaS3500-24P-US) (ip-profile) #default-gateway


Now let us configure multiple routes to default network one with the priority of 0:

(ArubaS3500-24P-US) (ip-profile) #route 0

(ArubaS3500-24P-US) (ip-profile) #route 1000000


Now let us see the IP profile:


(ArubaS3500-24P-US) (config) #show ip-profile

ip-profile "default"
Parameter            Value
---------            -----
Default Gateway
Import DHCP Gateway  Disabled
controller-ip        N/A
route       1000000
route       0


Now let us see the routing table:


(ArubaS3500-24P-US) (config) #show ip route

Gateway of last resort is to network at cost 0
S       *  /0 [0] via
C is directly connected: vlan1
C is directly connected: vlan1
C is directly connected: vlan2
C is directly connected: vlan2
C is directly connected: vlan3
C is directly connected: vlan3


We can see above that the default-gateway takes precedence over ip route statements even if the cost is set to 0.


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