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160 MHz Beacons with IAP-315

Hey AirHeads!


I'm doing some light lab work (don't worry, not an actual deployment) with an Aruba IAP-315 with Instant, and I need to get a beacon advertising a 160 MHz channel. 


It looks like the AP is capable of 160 MHz channels, but I can't find how to configure that in the Instant GUI. Perhaps I need to get into the CLI?

Re: 160 MHz Beacons with IAP-315

Hey, I don't have IAP-315 to hand but I do have a IAP-225 and it does support 80MHz w, so i'm wondering if the same options are on the IAP-315 but for 160mhz.


Under the "RF" settings and then the "Radio" tab,  have you enabled "Very high throughput" to enable 11ac?  Then again under "RF", I have the option to enable 80MHz support, do you have the same options for 160MHz support?




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Re: 160 MHz Beacons with IAP-315

It's seem like software on IAP still doesn't support 160Mhz yet, but i have tried with controller mode It's can working on 160Mhz, If you have a controller just go to looking rf profile.


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