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3600 controller out of space when boot-up

I have a 3600 controller,and it works fine in the past days.Yesterday I initialized the controller through "write erase" command ansd powered off the controller normally.But when I power up this controller today,it can boot up and enter the initial wizard.When I complete the initial wizard and accept all the change and restart the controller,it entered the initial wizard again,and a warning message displayed when boot-up:

WARNING: There is only -1 MB left on the flash. At least 5 MB of free flash space is recommended to keep the system stable. Please clean-up your flash filesystem.

I try to delete some files in cpboot mode,but don't find any command,so how can I solve this problem? 

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Re: 3600 controller out of space when boot-up

You have a choice:


1.  Allow Support to do it

2.  At the cpboot prompt, type "format 0", then follow the instructions here:  https://arubanetworkskb.secure.force.com/pkb/articles/HowTo/R-1563 to get an image back onto the controller.


***********WARNING*************If you choose 2, please read the entire article:  It requires a working TFTP server, otherwise you cannot recover your controller after typing "format 0"


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