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802.11 Radio Profile - Smart Antenna

Just looking for clarification:


Under the 802.11a and 802.11g radio profile in 6.5.x - advanced, there is a setting called "Smart Antenna". Is this option the one that handles the AP-335's understanding whether they are mounted horizontally or vertically dynamically? Couldn't find this option in the User Guide.



Thank you.

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Re: 802.11 Radio Profile - Smart Antenna

same question for 303h. What does Smart Antenna Feature exactly do? 


Re: 802.11 Radio Profile - Smart Antenna

The "smart antenna" feature applies to AP-335 only.

It does not affect antenna patterns, and does not change the fact that the 335 is optimized for horizontal (ceiling) mount.

It simply enables a feature on the AP-335 where the software will dynamically select between a vertically and horizontally polarized antenna element for each of the four radio chains of the 5GHz radio.

The antenna patterns for these elements are roughly the same, but by selecting the optimum combination, we can improve the signal quality (SNR) in both transmit and receive direction, which may result in a higher sustained datarate (MCS) for a given link.

That's all.

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