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900mbit Wireless Laptop Adapters

Hi All,

We have a couple of AP135 and want to use them to their full potential. We currently only have 300mbit compatible cards in our laptops. Can anyone recommend 900mbit cards that they have tested?


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Re: 900mbit Wireless Laptop Adapters

I'll let others respond with client card recommendations, but the maximum over-the-air datarate you can expect from a 3x3:3 11n MIMO radio is 450Mbps (MCS23); a 50% increase from the 300Mbps you can get from a 2 stream version (MCS15).
The AP-135 is a dual radio AP, so the theoretical aggregate max is 900Mbps, but the per radio (and per client) max is 450Mbps. Note also that in most pracatical deployments, the 2.4GHz radio is limited to HT20 (20MHz bandwidth) operation, which cuts the max throughput in half.
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