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AOS internal DB multi user addition with generated passwords

Hi all,


It’s pretty much what the subject says, is it possible to add a bulk of users to the internal DB with randomly generated passwords and be able to export the user/password list later?


The GUI allows you to add users one by one, with the option of generating a password per user. CLI allows to add multi users at once by copying them from a spread sheet with the "add user" command but you have to add a password for this command to work.


How can I add my list of users and generate passwords for all (and view it later)?

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Re: AOS internal DB multi user addition with generated passwords

You can add a random user on the commandline like this:


(Aruba7640-US) #local-userdb add username user1 generate-password 

Username: user1
Password: EIII9029
Start date: Tue Dec  5 04:46:00 2017

Expiration: none

You can just type "encrypt disable" and then "show local-userdb" to see all of the usernames and passwords:

(Aruba7005-US) #encrypt disable 
(Aruba7005-US) #show local-userdb

User Summary
Name   Password   Role           E-Mail  Enabled  Expiry  Status  Sponsor-Name  Remote-IP  Grantor-Name
----   --------   ----           ------  -------  ------  ------  ------------  ---------  ------------
test   test123    guest                  Yes              Active          admin
user1  EIII9029   guest                  Yes              Active          admin

User Entries: 3




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