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AP 104 ports

For AP 104, the 3 antenna ports are dual band and so I assumed one could plug antenna in any port. I hear that is incorrect and the port have to be configured on the controller for either 2.4 or 5. Is that correct? Thanks


Re: AP 104 ports

The AP-104 has 4 antenna ports; 2 for each radio.    They are assigned as follows:


R0/A0 - Radio 0 (5GHz), chain 0

R0/A1 - Radio 0 (5GHz), chain 1

R1/A0 - Radio 1 (2.4GHz), chain 0

R1/A1 - Radio 1 (2.4GHz), chain 1


R0 = Radio 0 (5.0GHz)

R1 = Radio 1 (2.4GHz)

A0 = Antenna 0

A1 = Antenna 1

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Re: AP 104 ports

AP104 have 4 antennas port, if you are having 3 it should be AP224, AP114 or AP134. Please do check again.

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