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AP-93 maximum concurrent users

Hi, does anyone know mthe recommended, and maximum, number of users supported by an AP-93.


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Re: AP-93 maximum concurrent users

It depends on a number of factors; the most important is the application that is being run on those wireless devices. If it is a well-behaved application like email and web browsing, you can put 30 users on comfortably. If it is voip, you can expect much less due to the latency requirements. With that being said, there are a number of factors that reduce that "30" number:

- Interference
- Broadcast traffic
- Contention

If you reduce any of these, you have a better chance of getting more clients on that AP more reliably.
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AP-93 maximum concurrent users

The AP-93 is a single radio access point that is capable of 802.11 b/g/n OR a/n.

The maximum number of users supported is 255, however in a best practices designed wireless LAN there will be multiple APs in a given environment to provide coverage and capacity.

The number of users per AP comes down to how many you want sharing the bandwidth available at the end of the day. If you are comfortable with 20, 30, 40 devices sharing the available bandwidth (in the case of AP-93, that is up to 300Mbps OTA, typically yielding up to 150 Mbps once overheads are extracted) then the AP-93 will support any of these numbers.

I have seen even the older Aruba APs support well over a 100 clients at one time, on a single radio. That being said, each user is then 'lined up' to access the channel (since 802.11 is CSMA)...you don't want that long a line-up in most cases.
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Re: AP-93 maximum concurrent users



May I know what are the concurrent users for IAP-93 and IAP-105 respectively?


Max concurrent users is 255 (datasheet).


Can both IAPs support at least 100 users?



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Re: AP-93 maximum concurrent users

I also interested to know the number of Maximum Concurrent users can support for 103H, 205 and 225 respective.


Thank you for the help! 

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Re: AP-93 maximum concurrent users


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