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AP ANT -17 antenna extenders?

I will be deploying next week for a wireless install and I need some help with installing an AP ANT 17 outside the building.

I am planning to mount the AP 224 inside the building and mount the ANT 17 outside the building but I think the cable antennas will be too short.


Do you carry antenna extenders? Do you have any suggestions? I really don't want to mount the AP outside and deal with ligthning arrestors, grounding, and weatherproof box.


I can see the Antennas but I don't see any APs in the picture. How did they run the cables to the APs and are the APs mounted on top of the roof?





Thank you.








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Re: AP ANT -17 antenna extenders?

If your antennas are mounted outside, you should really have the lightening arrestors. You should consider something like the AP-ANT-92 which has N type connectors. You can then get pigtail cables of various lengths to go from the lightening arrestor to the AP.

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Re: AP ANT -17 antenna extenders?

do you have the model numbers and part numbers for arrestors and pigtail cables?

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