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AP-CBL-SER - Cable Diagram

Need some help, anyone having the cable setup diagram for the AP-CBL-SER cable. Expensive to purchase from Aruba.

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Re: AP-CBL-SER - Cable Diagram

You cannot build that cable.  Please look at the thread here:  http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Aruba-Instant-Cloud-Wi-Fi/Pinout-serial-for-RAP-155P/m-p/167288/highlight/true#M5851


You will have to purchase it.


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Re: AP-CBL-SER - Cable Diagram

Thanks, didn;t know it is active instead of passive equipment.

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Re: AP-CBL-SER - Cable Diagram

Or, you can do as i did. I had to access the serial on an AP103 and could not get a hold of the propper console cable at the moment. I searched the Airheads community and with the info i could find i sucessfully managed to access the console using a cheap USB-TTL converter i had at home:



I do not guarantee this will work, if done wrong there is a risk that you permanently damage the console port of your AP/RAP!




First set the jumper on the USB-TTL converter to 3.3V! (5V TX signals might damage the console port on the AP/RAP, i have not tested 5V since 3.3V works.)

Secondly connect cables like this:




That's it. TTL-USB converters are not really rocket sience, and the Arduiono boom have made the converters really cheap and easy to find.




working serial.PNG



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Re: AP-CBL-SER - Cable Diagram

As Tamaz cited, you can use a USB TTL adapter, but you can also use a standard TTL-RS232 adapter as well. 


It appears that the PIN out is also the same, VCC, RX, TX, and Ground. 

VCC on the RAP-3 and the AP-205H appears to be 3.3V. 


Tested with:




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