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AP Fast Failover Reason

Hi Airheads,


Is there anything that tells me the reason for an AP Failover? I am seeing some APs failing over even though there's nothing wrong with the network. The controller has been up since it was installed and serves about 50 active APs, 50 standby APs, some APs are at the same site as the controller, others are at satellite sites connected via a 10Mbps WAN link. 


At the satellite sites, I could understand but it's never all the APs failing over, only one or 2. Even a few APs based at the same site as the controller are failing over. Again, it's not all the APs and they are connected into the same switch. I have ruled network congestion out on the satellite sites as usage rarely get over 50% for many of them.


On the HA:FF Settings, I have Inter-Controller heartbeat enabled at 5*100ms. Preemption is disabled. If it was the inter-controller hearbeat that was causing the failover, wouldn't all APs associated with the controller move?


Any Ideas?

Michael H.

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