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AP Load Balancing _ mm 2/md 8.2.11

Cluster appears good, vrrp is good, all things seem normal.  Can't get ap's to balance.  Vlan-probe good.     


Simple config, how can i force the ap's to balance.  2 7220s 450ish TOTAL ap's.

I'm missing something.


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Re: AP Load Balancing _ mm 2/md 8.2.11


By default AP LB is not enabled on the cluster. You can enable it under system-profiles-classic cluster.

With two MC’s all AP’s will have an tunnel to both MC’s anyway so AP LB should not make a big difference. Client traffic is load balanced, that’s the most important.

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Re: AP Load Balancing _ mm 2/md 8.2.11

AP LB is enabled, sorry i should have clarified that.   I would have expected that I would see half of my aps on the active, and half on the standby.   Otherwise why call it Load Balancing?

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Re: AP Load Balancing _ mm 2/md 8.2.11

The cluster manager balances the load periodically when the total load exceeds the minimum load threshold and the difference between the max and min loaded controller is more than the unbalance threshold.


Even with AP load balancing enabled, it can take quite awhile to load balance access points.  It is meant to be gradual to avoid mass disruption.  Since clients might not even be on the controllers that the access points are on, it might have less of an effect than it seems.

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