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AP Migration Process


i need some suggestions about the migration.

the scenario is we have 2 7210 controller running on master local setup. we have arround 200 AP70 and we are going to replace it with AP205H. Currently the controller is on 6.3 and AP205h requires 6.4.3.

the problem is that its a hotel setup so we will be replacing the APs floor by floor (will take time in replacing the APs). if i will update the firmwre on the controller all the AP 70 will go down.

we are giving a spare 7210 controller to the customer with eva license so we can shift the newly installed APs on the new controller for some time.

Initially we decided that we will create a separate VLAN for the new controller and put the APs to the new VLAN (scope is on the controller and for the exsisting setup scope is also on the controller). creating the VLAN is hasel and in this case we need to map the VLAN on the network.

What i want to know if we can put the new controller on the same VLAN as the old one, break the scope will it work?

connecting a new AP205h how it will discover the controller as it will be able to see both the controllers (with new and old firmware). 


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Re: AP Migration Process

If you have a stable network (AP70s do not reboot), this is what I would do:

- Provision a second controller on on a with the same configuration as the first, but with a different  management IP address.

- Turn of ADP discovery on the old controller so that no new access points will find it:

config t
adp discovery disable
adp igmp-join disable

- When you boot up new AP205s in place of an AP70, it will only find the new controller

- Your AP70s, as long as they do not reboot, will continue to function



- If an AP70 reboots, it will find the new controller and cease to function, so there is some risk

- If you are doing any type of authentication on your controllers, when a user roams from one controller to the next, they will be forced to reauthenticate



- If you simply make the wireless network open during the transition, roaming should be seamless and just work.  You can always turn authentication back on, when you are finished.


Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: AP Migration Process



Yes it is possible. configure master ip statically for those new APs. as a good practice disable ADP on all the controllers.


Please feel free to comeback if this is not working.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: AP Migration Process

If i am putting the ip address of new controller in LMS ip will it work ?

or at master discovery in Ap installation if i will put the master controller ip address using the new controller ip and provision it will that help us out?

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Re: AP Migration Process

If you put in the IP address in ap installation , that will permanently write the IP address of the master into the access points flash. The access point will always look to that address for the controller if it reboots. That is fine for a few access points, but for more than a few, it could be time consuming. Disabling ADP on the controller you don't want APS to find, is easier when doing a lot.

The lms-ip should really have nothing. It is not be necessary.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: AP Migration Process

Managed to get 6k old controller customer was using previously. Created the same groups as exsisting controller. Disabled the discover on the 6k controller and from the AP installation shifted all the AP70s to the old 6k controller.

updated the firmware on 7210 to 6.4.3 and now we can connect AP205h without any problem :)


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Re: AP Migration Process - Migrating from Ap 70s

Hi guys, I am doing a similar deployment. Replacing an old 6k and AP70s with a new 7210 and Ap315s. If I turn off ADP on the old controller and then add a second dns entry for Aruba-master, will the new 315s automatically skip the old controller because ADP is disabled? And will they automatically associate with the new controller?
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