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AP175 Antennas

i think AP175 supports 4 external antennas as mentioned @ datasheet

so if i need coverage + Mesh i will get :    

1*  ANT-2x2-2005

1*  ANT-2x2-5005

For each AP-175 , right ?


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Re: AP175 Antennas

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Yep. It 1 part number for two ant ports of 2.4 and 1 part number for the two ant port of 5.0.

*it's for direct mount on the acceesspoint itself*


But u should consider other parts as lighting arresting parts (if deployed outdoor) + POE solution (outdoor solution that will provide enough and needed outdoor protection to the infrastructure that going to the accesspoints.

More relevant info regarding all ant types u may find here:





:catlol: have a lovley day



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