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AP314 external antenna selection

Hi guys,

one of my customers bought some brand new AP 314. He need to install them above a ceiling tile which makes external antennas necessary.

The AP 314 has 4x RPSMA connectors and in the newest antenna matrix on the Arubanetworks page is only one antenna with 4 connectors.


we are looking for one antenna per AP which has more or less the sam pattern as an AP 315 (omni, downtilt)


thanks in advance


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Re: AP314 external antenna selection

How high is the ceiling?

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: AP314 external antenna selection

it differs. the average hight is 4.5m

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Re: AP314 external antenna selection

I think I found one we can use. It's the ANT40.


Thanks for your help!

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