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AP65 reset to default (no SoE)



I have an AP65 which seems to be stuck with some config that doesn't allow me to get it back to the controller. As far as I know I can only purge this AP via SoE. Is there any other way? Can I "rescue" this AP without purging it?


Thanks a lot

Samuel Pérez


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Re: AP65 reset to default (no SoE)

You can type "show audit-trail" on the controller and see how you configured that AP to get an idea of the the ip addressing information or the master controller ip address had a mistake.  You can then change the controller to match what you changed so that the AP can re-join the controller.  You can only wipe the config of an AP65 that cannot contact a controller using SOE or using the y-Cable.

Colin Joseph
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Re: AP65 reset to default (no SoE)

Moving topic to Aruba APs board. 

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