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AppRF Configuration



I hope this is the right forum - I am researching the configuration of AppRF and cannot find much information on how it is set up.


The marketing states it runs on the 7200 controllers, but a AppRF configuration guide seems difficult to track down. Does anyone have any PDFs?




Re: AppRF Configuration

There is not much to it in it's current form (AppRF v1).   It works on 3000, M3, and 7000 series controllers that have PEFNG licenses on ArubaOS 6.2+.    On the Dashboard you should see a "Firewall" link on the left.    The first time you try to use it, it may tell you that you need to enable the feature and that it is a Beta feature in 6.2 (but will be fully supported in 6.3).  You can also enable it in the CLI with the "firewall-visibility" command.   It will then start tracking the app usage and present the results.   It only keeps 2 minutes worth of data; you'll need AirWave 7.7+ to track the historical usage.


There is some description of its usage in the 6.2 user guide under Monitoring Firewalls section of the Dashboard Monitoring chapter.





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Re: AppRF Configuration


Also this is a BETA feature so won't recommend enabling it on production .


If you go to the dashboard you can enable it there too.


Thank you

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Re: AppRF Configuration



Thanks for the replies, they are useful


I understand from some of the Aruba marketing material that it is possible to control the prioritisation of specific applications through inspection of packets to prioritise mission critical services.


With the new code release (6.3) will the AppRF product be able to do a WMM style prioritisation on the radio side of the network? I am just trying to understand the landscape of the new product offerings. From what I have seen so far, WMM is still the feature that controls the radio side prioritisation, but perhaps this will talk to AppRF to give end to end application QoS?



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