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Aruba 3600 Controller -- 2 seperate IP addresses

I have two networks, physically seperated and would like to know if I could have two IPs for my 3600 controller?  First network is working fine.


Second network - I setup the VLAN/IP and I can get to it (controller), though when I setup an AP, it cannot connect to the controller on this network, but if I plug the AP into the first network, it connects to the controller.

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Re: Aruba 3600 Controller -- 2 seperate IP addresses

The reason why is every controller has a switchip, and that is the IP address that all communication is redirected to. An access point might start communication on any IP address on the controller but will be immediately redirected to the switchip for communications. You can change the switch or controller IP, but it needs to be accessible from both networks.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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